Make fitness fabulous with these one-off solid gold dumbbells that cost $147,000

There did exist a time in the pre-pandemic world when luxe dumbbells were frowned upon or deemed unnecessary. And we won’t term them irrelevant as anything that brings a smile to someone’s face is most necessary. Bling lovers will fall for anything that glitters and Dubai-based Aurore Nio, Dimitris Karakassis and Saeed Al Naji launched is offering some funky picks at their online fitness and lifestyle concept store Ninjoo. UAE’s penchant for all things gold is rubbing off on fitness too with these stunning solid gold Loft dumbbells. German brand founded by Kristoff Hock in 2009 is offering a set of made-to-order dumb-bells made from 18-karat gold, totalling 1.5 kilograms of solid gold for the pair. The grip is made from Grenadilla or African Blackwood, and the dumb-bells come in a handcrafted wooden storage case.

The audacious luxury fitness accessory is 150 mm long by 68 mm wide and weighs one kg each. They cost nearly $147,100 and won’t make you buff any faster than regular ones but it sure will feel good! If gold isn’t for you then Louis Vuitton also offers a less-blingy, eye-catching version with a monogram eclipse canvas handle and house signature engravings.

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[Available at: ninjoo]

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