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Svetlana and Jeff are a perfect representation of today’s new-age, high-net-worth couples – Less time, lots to do, plenty to safeguard. Like most contemporary couples, they too are not big on having a shared safe, primarily due to the sheer volumes of each individual’s possessions, be it Svetlana’s exclusive jewelry or Jeff’s designer watches. The dilemma? Svetlana needs her own personal safe designed to perfectly hold her treasured jewelry and exclusive watches, size and section-wise – her Piagets, Tiffanys, Cartiers, and Chopard’s; while Jeff wants a customized safe to keep his prized Rolex, Piguet, Tourbillon, Armani, and Fendi timepieces, and all other valuables in a neat and segregated manner. Sounds like a tough deal? Not really – Brown Safe makes it easy!

Three decades of solid experience in crafting top-notch, highly secure, and exclusive security products make California-based Brown Safe one of the most sought after names in the premium safes and vaults domain. Be it high-security luxury safes and vaults or standard ones, Brown Safe has it all. The brand prides itself as an industry leader in offering completely customized safety solutions, directly to customers. The luxury lineup in particular is a brilliant option for HNI couples like Svetlana and Jeff who want better than the best when it comes to security, quality, convenience, performance, even appearance.

Brown Safe ensures that each one of their cutting-edge security safes, manufactured in the USA, is an outcome of the tireless efforts of skilled craftsman, and Founder and Owner Frederick Brown’s personal supervision. Their very versatile product range is designed to suits the needs of a diverse clientele, including celebrities, HNIs, foreign embassies, global Governmental agencies and even military applications. What’s more, each product can be custom-made in line with the client’s specific vision, needs, requirements, and personal style, even if the client is seeking something beyond the available product line. You can even unleash your creative side by designing your own security solution on the home safe page.

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For her
The Gem Series Luxury Jewelry safes by Brown Safe offer ultimate security coupled with unmatched mechanical engineering, are made using superior quality materials and can be personalized to match your exact needs.

These luxury jewelry safes, available in different sizes and colors, offer top-notch security features like Biometric Fingerprint Reading Lock, Electronic Keypad Lock, and Mechanical Dial Lock. You also get automatic/programmable watch winders and Rotorwind Winders. The tastefully created suede-lined interiors include auto-LED lighting, door-mounted mirrors, and more. You can even choose between 18 different layouts for the exquisite hardwood drawer interiors, to hold each piece of jewelry/watch perfectly.

For him
Brown Safe’s specially designed MAN SAFE is the perfect security solution for the modern man. Apart from regular possessions like wallet, keys, and phone, this watch safe has neatly segregated spaces to hold high importance items like luxury watches, precious stones and metals, important documents and so on.

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This special safe comes with customized watch panels having Orbita watch winders, which not only clearly display each timepiece but also keep the timepieces seamlessly functioning 24/7/365.

Along with outstanding features and ease of use, the well-thought-out use of luxurious materials like the light but super-tough military-grade ballistic armor plate makes the MAN SAFE score high on functionality as well as looks! Yeah, so what if it is for men?

The cutting-edge MAN SAFE offers the same security features and programmable winders like the Luxury Jewelry safes. Additional safety features like advanced Fire Resistance, Ballistic Armor Construction, Glass Plate Relocking Device, and Three-way Boltwork elevate utility and security to the highest levels.

The MAN SAFE Elite edition takes functionality and appearance one step higher – Chip carbide hard plate, Ballistic Armor Body Construction, Ballistic Armor Door, and more.

And they got what they wanted…

When Svetlana and Jeff set out looking for individual personalized safes with top security and inventive features, they thought it’d be a tough call. Brown Safe changed that.

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Address : Brown Safe Manufacturing
1081 Poinsettia Ave. Vista, CA 92081, United States
Worldwide Sales: (760)233-2293

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