Neiman Marcus embraces the future offers 3D-printed jewelry

Neiman Marcus’ extensive online catalog just expanded with two new entrants, both in the 3D category. With that, the luxury brand became the first major American retailer to sell 3D-printed jewelry. Developed and shipped by Shapeways, a platform and marketplace for 3D-printed products, the engravable heart pendant, and desk sculpture both bask in a unique, made-to-order revelry.

When a customer places an order, Shapeways comes into play. Operating out of Long Island City, New York, the company will print the product “on-demand,” leaving Neiman Marcus with spare space in their warehouse. No risk of purchasing and holding inventory. Gerard Barnes, the chief merchant of Neiman Marcus Direct, wanted to develop something cutting edge yet fashionable. Now they have. Each piece is personal as products are made only after they’re ordered. And it reaches a customer within three weeks.

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So, if last year 3D printing made an appearance at Paris Fashion Week or in Open Fit Lab’s easy custom-fit jeans, it can do so now in your jewelry boxes or desks. The Monogrammed Silver Heart Pendant Necklace comes hand-polished and can be customized to add your initials. Priced at $295, it is a great example of fashion-meets-technology, as is the $395 Orb Stainless Steel Sculpture with its industrial artistry.

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[Via – Fashionista and Dailymail and Bustle]

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