Swarovski and Misfit collaborate to invent the world’s first solar powered fitness and sleep tracker

An interesting collaboration between luxury jewellery connoisseur Swarovski and wearable start-up Misfit hit the headlines this week. Their collaborated effort resulted in the world’s first solar powered fitness and sleep tracker in Las Vegas.

swarovski-fitness-trackers-3The shine collection by Swarovski entails a crystal face and a self-charging battery that does not need replacing. That promise is a huge one, considering most fitness trackers last a week or less on a

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swarovski-fitness-trackers-2The crystal is both functional as well as decorative, focussing light in a concentrated beam onto a solar cell beneath. The trackers come with a clear or violet crystal face, however only the violet crystal offers solar harvesting capabilities. A full charge lasts for a few days and can be obtained with around 10-15 minutes of sun exposure, according to the Austrian jewellery firm.

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Starter kits will be available in Q2 2015 ranging in price from $170 to $250, with nine additional accessories costing between $70 and $150.

[Via – Bloomberg]

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