With a salary of $165,000 a year, a VIP family in Qatar wants to hire a female fitness instructor to live and train at the palace and join them on luxury holidays

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There are so many dream jobs to choose from food taster, wine taster, fashion consultant, pet groomers, race car driving instructor, etc. the list is endless but not every job in the world is as enticing as becoming a personal trainer to live with a ‘VIP‘ family in Qatar. UK-based recruitment company Polo & Tweed is soliciting an able instructor to train the family and their guests at their luxury residence. As a matter of fact, not just at home but should also be willing to accompany the fitness-conscious family around the world to maintain continuity to their fitness regime. Eligible candidates can expect a salary of up to $166,000 tax-free per year, as well as free accommodation and one return flight home per year. The listing states that ‘it is a ‘large family’ that travels frequently and often hosts guests. The family is looking to employ an English-speaking personal trainer on a ‘long-term basis’ who will work with family members. At the main residence, the family lives with their children, and as with all Middle Eastern VIP households, expect their household to be run to the highest degree.

The list goes on asserting, ‘the successful candidate must be respectful and understanding of Middle Eastern culture and be a ‘qualified personal trainer’ with experience in ‘muscle training, bodybuilding and Cross-Fit with other weight-based training to get excellent results. Needless to say, the candidate needs to respect the privacy of the family and not post on social media, and if they have any message or rehab qualifications, then considered a cherry on the cake.

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[Via: Polo and Tweed]

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