This $400,000 platinum and diamond pacifier is for every regal baby ever born

Pacifying wailing princes isn’t an easy task. You cannot rough them up in an attempt to get them to sleep without risking your neck on the wooden block and you have to have the patience of a royal nanny. So what better than a pacifier to do the trick? Then again, would it be fair for the princes to suck on the plastic indulgences of commoners? Not at all. So, we have a platinum and diamond made pacifier from the house of Eyal Cohen. It may cost $400k but that isn’t much of a problem when you have the King’s royal slumber to remain undisturbed by his annoying son.

The maker used four ounces of platinum, a natural green-blue diamond and a 10mm white pearl to make this one a work of art than a delight for babes. They specialize in a number of functional items such as wine openers and key fobs, all made with precious metals and materials, so a pacifier isn’t something out of the blue. “Jewelers have got to figure out a better way to get customers back into their stores. The objects are unique gifts which are priced below comparable color diamond jewelry” says Eyal,

It could also make for a great gifting opportunity for the ultra-rich who are always out of gifting ideas for baby showers.

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