Woman power shines bright in Swarovski x DC Wonder Woman collection

Wonder woman is going to be one awesome movie to look forward to, come October 2020. It’s generating an incredible amount of buzz what with king-sized collaborations with revered brands like House of Sillage for a Limited edition Wonder Woman 1984 fragrance, Miu Miu’s Wonder Woman capsule tee collection, and now Swarovski is set to launch its Wonder Woman collection. Just a month ahead of its October 2020 release luxury accessory label Swarovski partnered with Warner Bros. and DC to introduce two new collections for the Atelier Swarovski and Swarovski core ranges, which underline the brand’s efforts to promote female empowerment. Women of the world, better gear up for a line-up of bold and brave statement pieces that personify Wonder Woman’s crusade for truth, equity and kindness for all. This dazzling collection is dominated by gold hues combined with the shimmer of Swarovski crystals that harness the power of Wonder Woman. The collection includes an iconic and dominating Wonder Woman cuff, versatile Wonder Woman hoop earrings, a sparkling Wonder Woman necklace set in pavé with Swarovski crystal, and a powerful and bold double ring that bears the stacked ‘W’ logo. A delicate everyday-wear Wonder Woman bracelet and fancy tassel earrings complete the Swarovski core collection.

The Atelier Swarovski line includes high-end earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and a brooch that draw inspiration from Wonder Woman’s costume that embodies vitality, power and is incredibly attractive. The Swarovski x Wonder Woman collection varies in price starting from $79 – $549.

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