$1 Million Gold and Diamond Ice Cream Cone looks Yummm

This one is strictly for someone who has tons of cash dumped in every corner of his house (read mansion). Why else would someone think of buying an Ice Cream Cone worth $1 Million Dollars you cannot even sink your teeth into? And it’s not that only the cone is bejeweled. You cannot top this cone with a real ice-cream as the cone comes topped with real diamond and emeralds. This blinged ice-cream cone from the Bruster’s ice cream company is created as a replica of the original waffle ice cream cone. Bruster’s work of art is shaped by distinguished diamond manufacturer, Lazare Kaplan International Inc., and it consists of nearly 20 troy ounces of 18k white and yellow gold, 548 round diamonds, 87 square emerald-cut diamonds, and one breathtaking 5.63-carat Fancy Intense Yellow radiant cut diamond.

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And it’s not only pomp and opulence that Buster’s is flaunting as the company will donate its proceeds from the sale of the $1 Million Cone to the mentoring organization.

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