A $245 pencil sharpener for stationery enthusiasts

So you finally caved and got yourself some Louis Vuitton pencils. Of course you have a nappa leather pouch to store them in and a matching notebook to write in, so what’s missing? A sharpener! Rule out those regular sharpeners from the dollar store right away; if cheap pencils weren’t good enough for you, then your sharpener needs an upgrade too. Try this one from Caran D’Ache, it is limited edition and comes in a lovely shade of millennial pink. It’s called the Caran d’Ache “Matterhorn Brut Rosé” Pencil Sharpening Machine.

Caran D’Ache’s grey sharpeners have been around since 1933 and they have been popular ever since. This version is created in a shade called Brut Rosé and is limited to 4,478 pieces – a reference to the height of the Matterhorn. It can be used with most pencils, though it is not necessarily more convenient than any other pencil sharpener you’ve used before.

Admittedly the £175.00 (around US$245) puts it in the “indulgences I don’t really need” category where it joins Louis Vuitton’s pencils, yoyos and rulers. But at least you’ll have bragging rights with your hipster friends.