A Russian startup is planning to place giant glowing ads in space

Whoever said that technology is the ultimate doom for planet earth was probably right. Even before we’ve fully figured out solutions to combating global warming and the likes of pollution, a bunch of imprudent folks is here with yet another problematic and bizarre proposition in the name of building a lucrative business.

We’re talking about a Russian Start-up going the name of Start Rocket that is all set to launch glowing billboards and ads in the starry night sky. The proposal aims to target corporates who are looking to publicize and reach out to “potential audience of 7 billion people” with advertising from space. To achieve this feat, the company will build tiny cube satellites to create programmable displays in the night sky in a low-Earth orbit of 400-500 kilometers (248-310 miles). Each satellite will house a single collapsible sail to reflect the light of the sun, thereby forming a single pixel measuring 50 square kilometers across (19 square miles). The resultant Orbital Display (yet to be tested and funded) will be built to display corporate logos for slots of six minutes between three and four times a day.

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Commenting on the obscure business idea, project leader Vlad Sitnikov in a statement to Futurism said “We are ruled by brands and events,” He further added, “We will live in space, and humankind will start delivering its culture to space. The more professional and experienced pioneers will make it better for everyone.” However, our thoughts are summed up by a particular social media user whose comment on the company’s promotional video read – “NO NO NO NO NO. Blow them out of the sky!” Enough said!

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