Anime fans rejoice – Visa launches Pokemon branded credit cards in Japan

If you love shopping, and who doesn’t, be it online or at a brick and mortar store you’re probably going to be whipping out your Credit Card quite often and while there’s a certain euphoric feeling about buying something new and swiping a piece of plastic, the otherwise drab bank issued credit card can be… boring, for lack of a better term. But that’s not the case anymore as Japan now has some very clever new Visa issued Credit cards that are customised with Pokémon characters.

A Pickachu credit card is now available with Visa via financial conglomerate Sumitomo Mitsui in Japan for their consumers to flaunt just how big a fan of the series they really are. There are a couple of lively graphics for the cards ranging from a bright yellow smiley face Pickachu option, to those with more colourful backgrounds. Sumitomo Mitsui wasn’t quite done with issuing just these vibrant looking cards; they’re even offering the first 500 signees a Pokémon hand mirror and an illustrated plastic file for the first thousand. To further sweeten the deal, Sumitomo Mitsuiw is also giving 1,200 points in their World Present Point rewards program and an original design Pikachu stuffed animal to everyone who signs up for the new cards. And for the grand finale prize (yes, there’s one of those too), for those who sign up for the card between now and the 31st of October, their names will be entered into a pool and a lucky draw will determine a winner from the lot; said winner will get a chance to meet the little (in this case, not so little) yellow Pickachu in person on Christmas day at their home!
Some cards are only going to be made available at Pokémon Center retail outlets and will have a limited run of 10,000 to commemorate the upcoming Pokémon Movie and the Clash of Ages theatrical feature. Others will also be available via the centers and online sources. Of course getting a card will be determined by your credit limit which should be between US$800 and $6,400 (100,000 and 800,000 yen) for these Visa cards. Now if only they’d launch Star Wars editions…

[Via – Rocket News 24]

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