Seven Stars in Kyushu, Japan’s answer to the Orient Express gets a facelift. The train will be even more luxurious and will get a traditional Japanese-style tea room.

Is there a way to improve perfection? Yes, there is! Kyushu Railway Co. announced plans to refurbish its luxury sleeper service, Seven Stars. The stunning Seven Stars in Kyushu was introduced in Kyushu in 2013. It is derived from the seven prefectures of Kyushu, made up of seven cars, and offers seven-star treatment. Kyushu Seven Stars boasted five sleeping cars, a lounge car, and a dining car, with a total capacity of 28 passengers, which will now be altered. Following the upgrade, the firm will reduce the number of guest rooms from 14 to 10, with a maximum capacity of 20 passengers, and inaugurate a new tea room and salon.

Artists impression of tea room to be built in the train.

The dining area will not fit in only the first car, while the second car will host a salon to meet and mingle. Henceforth, the third car will feature a lounge bar and a store that sells crafts and goods from around Kyushu. It is the perfect addition to the décor that flaunts radiant woodwork and vintage lights with distinctly Japanese features like elegant bamboo blinds, delicate paper screens, and wooden shutters. Come October, and the minimum fare will increase from $5200 per person. Seven stars tours around Japan’s third-largest island and have served around 17,000 passengers. The packages range from one night and two days to three nights and four days.

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The observation car on the Seven Stars in Kyushu.
The piano bar on the Seven Stars in Kyushu

[Via: The Japan Times]

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