This $1000 app lets you capture 4K videos using your iPhone 5S

Do you want to convert your mundane iPhone 5S into a super-phone that can capture 4K videos? All you’ll have to do is spend a whopping $1000 and download an app named Vizzywig 4K. The camera app by i4software will let you produce and distributed 4K videos from your iPhone 5s. But, just in case you have preordered the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus or just waiting to upgrade from iOS 7 to the latest iOS 8 the bad news is the Vizzywig 4K won’t work for now as it’s not supported. With the iOS 8, Apple has tweaked the platform’s capability to capture photos in very rapid succession and limited it to 10 shots per second. What the 4K camera app does is it captures 4K photos at 24 images per second and stitches it together to make a video. Astonishingly, Vizzywig 4K captures at a rate of 72 MB/sec (576 Megabits per second), something that not even the likes of the LG G3 can accomplish given Android’s 4 MB/sec rate limit.

Since the videos captured are just 4K pictures compiled together, you also have access to each and every frame in the video clip and edit single frames as you wish. The app also comes with its own video editor, complete with transition effects, title slides, scrolling credits, and quick uploading to YouTube; all while preserving the full uncompressed 4K quality of the video.

[Download Vizzywig]

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