Armori Steele unveils luxurious football helmet collection at USD 75000

For those obsessed with luxury like you and I, why stop at sapphires and exquisite cufflinks when gold and diamond studded helmets are in store. Men’s lifestyle company Armori Steele is unveiling a luxurious football helmet for those splurging footballers.

The collection so aptly called “Home of the Brave” features moments in American history and also has glimpses of famed landmarks namely Las Vegas and Wall Street. Hand painted by AS painters and embedded with precious stones and Swarovski crystals, the specially curated collection entails six individual helmets.
Think 24k gold plated grill, Riddell® Display shells and Under Armour® black tinted visor. Over 50 diamond stones are encrusted throughout each shell, with a single helmet valued at$12,500USD. The exclusive collection is limited to only six copies of each model.

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In recent interviews, company founders stated “Our initial Prestige Hockey mask collection was very well received, with mentions from The Hockey News and Sports Illustrated.”

The season of Super Bowl XLIX welcomes the designer collection and the luxurious collection can be acquired at

The entire collection can be yours at USD 75,000.

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