As only artist Stuart Semple can, the iconic Tiffany Blue has a free-to-use twin called Tiff. The robin egg blue was fiercely guarded since 1998

He made the pinkest pink and then the blackest black, but no one could’ve imagined he would go for the Tiffany Blue too. Isn’t that out of everybody’s league? Apparently not! The minute British artist Stuart Semple is told something (read: colors) doesn’t belong to him, he creates exactly that or an even better version of it for himself. Who can forget the creation of the blackest black paint and ink as revenge against Anish Kapoor’s control of the coveted Vantablack? Semple didn’t stop at simply creating a fierce counterpart; he also banned Kapoor from using his “pinkest pink.”

Now the man is on a mission to emancipate the Tiffany blue. Thanks to Semple, the world that saw Tiffany & Co’s robin’s-egg blue as solely their property will now be free to use the paint. Semple’s ‘Tiff Blue’ is a matte high-grade acrylic paint that closely resembles the color trademarked by the iconic jeweler in 1998. Semple’s online store, Culture Hustle, states, “What makes Tiffany Blue different is that its trademark is across all uses… and they have even hidden the PANTONE code.”

Not only does Semple unabashedly make a hue that’s Tiffany Blue’s identical twin, he packages the bottle in the shade with the name Tiffany scribbled off (with the blackest black?) to reveal its new hip identity- Tiff! Designtaxi explains why Tiffany guards its robin-egg blue so vehemently, “The power of the instantly recognizable color—whether the Tiffany Blue Box® or on jewelry and Home & Accessories designs—can not be overstated… No matter the medium the color is reproduced in, Tiffany’s proprietary hue remains consistent and instantly recognizable.”

For now, the super flat matte high-grade shade acrylic paint Tiff is sold out on the artists’ website but will be restocked soon. A 150ml bottle of Tiff Blue is selling for $28.

[Available at: Culture Hustle]

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