‘Like staring into a black hole’ – The world’s blackest ink is here and you can use it in a pen

Can you imagine the blackest black? Why fantasize when you can see? British artist Stuart Semple has created what he’s calling the ‘blackest black ink’ aka Blink. It will make the black you have known all your life seem like semi-black or nearly-black. It could easily be dubbed the world’s blackest black ink, and it can be yours for a measly $16. The best part is you can use it in pen! Talk about getting the point across; you will now be able to do it in a blink (pun intended). Blink is best suited for calligraphy, pen artwork, and some spectacular handwritten letters.

The most matte-ink of them is also waterproof; bleed proof, which is a must-have, and drip-proof. Semple says about Blink that it is a very versatile, very black ink, “Anything you’d ordinarily use black ink for, like outlining, will be better now.” He added, “I think anything on paper that needs a good nonreflective super black will look great.” The artist admits converting his formula into ink wasn’t as simple as putting pen to paper, not even close to effortless as creating Black 3.0, a hit back at world-renowned artist Anish Kapoor’s Vantablack.

However, the British artist told Fast Company that Blink is a “fundamentally different… potion,” plus the ink would need more flow. As such, over 1,000 variations of Blink were tested with artists for quality assurance, and the rest is history. A 30ml bottle of Blink, available on the artist’s store, Culture Hustle, will set you back by an affordable $15.99. We are pretty sure one will last you a long, long time.

[Via: Fast Company]

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