Lamborghini is bringing back the Countach to celebrate the iconic supercar’s 50th anniversary

The Countach is coming back! Yes, you read that right and we are just as surprised as you are. Lamborghini made the shocking announcement that the most iconic supercar from the Italian marque is getting a reboot. A 20-second teaser video titled ‘the icon is coming back’ was posted by Lamborghini on Facebook along with a picture of a wedge-shaped car hidden under a cover. Other than that, Lamborghini hasn’t given out any other information, which compels us to speculate. However, a photo recently leaked on Instagram that tells us the upcoming supercar might be named Countach LPI 800-4. The LPI indicates that it will come with a hybrid powertrain with around 800 horsepower.

The reborn Lamborghini will be the second of two models confirmed for a debut in 2021 by CEO Stefan Winkelmann earlier this year. There’s a chance that the upcoming supercar will not share its hybrid powertrain with the Sián hypercar, which didn’t include the LPI suffix. Instead of a supercapacitor, the new Countach might come with a regular lithium battery pack. The electric motor will assist Lambo’s tried and tested 6.5-liter V12. Another interesting thing we noticed is that the car doesn’t have a wing, which suggests the new Countach might draw inspiration from the earlier models through the 1970s. We are eager to see how Lamborghini has reinterpreted the iconic design of Countach in a modern form. Lamborghini will take the wraps off the new Countach during Monterey Car Week.

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