Russian Instagrammer has her $258,800 Lamborghini Aventador towed away by the police over a staggering 199 unpaid traffic tickets

If you own a Lamborghini, it would hardly be of any hassle for you to pay minuscule traffic fines. However, proving otherwise in an Instagram Influencer who recently lost her $258,800 Lamborghini over unpaid traffic dues. Yes, that’s right!

Nastya Ivleeva, a Russian Playboy model and Instagram influencer, failed to pay an indefinite amount of traffic fines which led to the car being confiscated. While the exact amount of the dues is unconfirmed, Ivleeva was quick to pay the fees and get her Lamborghini Aventador back.

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Commenting on the incident, the social media influencer in a video stated, “It was the first time in my life that my car has been towed away. My Lambo. Now, I am waiting for my turn to pay the fines and drive on.”

Another video clip showed Ivleeva peeling a sticker off the hood of her Lamborghini while she cursed her luck. The dues paid by the Instagrammer are said to be issued for traffic violations, which included parking, speeding, crossing a double continuous line, and committing illegal turns.

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Well, all’s well that ends well!

[Natasya Ivleeva on Instagram]

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