Bitcoins for Lamborghinis? This company will sell you a Huracan for 11.2 Bitcoins

The meteoric rise of Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies has brought along a unique problem for its early investors – the new generation of super wealthy individuals who made millions thanks to the cryptocurrency boom is clueless on how to spend their wealth. This has presented a great opportunity for business owners who suddenly have found an all-new segment of rich clients looking for avenues to spend their riches. A London-based service called Moonlambos has partnered with automobile dealers in the US and Europe to sell Lamborghinis in exchange of Bitcoin and Ethereum. “I know a lot of traders who got in early, and a lot of them are really concerned about how to liquidate that,” Moonlambos cofounder Ivan Soto-Wright said. “We want to facilitate a solution to a key problem, which is how do you spend it?”

The Moonlambo project is a part of a larger initiative called HODL and also a first step toward offering a much larger range of ecommerce options to this new class of consumers. The HODL initiative includes the formation of a VC fund along with its own cryptocurrency a virtual currency wallet. To promote the business, Moonlambos rented two Lamborghinis along with some Star Wars costumes and crashed the London premiere of The Last Jedi. Well, this is not the first time a business is trying to sell cars exclusively for cryptocurrencies. Recently a mystery Chinese millionaire bought four rare fully-functioning F1 cars by using Litecoins. If you want a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 SuperLeggera Coupe, Moonlambos can sell you one for one 9.72 Bitcoins. And if you’re one of those who missed the Bitcoin train, all you can do is watch it shatter new records every day from the sidelines.


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