Mystery Chinese millionaire buys four rare F1 cars with cryptocurrency

Unless you have been living under a rock all this while, I’m sure you’ll aware that the planet has been swept by the cryptocurrency madness in the last few months and its blasting through fresh levels of ridiculousness every day. With its growing popularity, businesses are looking to cash on the craze and the world of exotic automobiles has not remained untouched. Only a few days back, a gold Rolls-Royce was put on sale which was exclusively available for buyers willing to pay in Bitcoins. Now we have a Chinese millionaire who has purchased four rare F1 cars using cryptocurrency from the U.K’s Heritage F1 dealership, a company which specializes in being “Europe’s largest supplier of F1 Cars to the private market”.

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According to the news which broke via, the anonymous buyer used Litecoin – a rival cryptocurrency that has appreciated five times faster than Bitcoin – and the deal was executed by art dealer and cryptocurrency champion Eleesa Dadiani. It is reported that the final bill equated to US$5.3 million. Dadiani’s London gallery allows buyers to purchase art using several different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dash. The sale includes the Ferrari-powered Sauber C30 from the 2011 F1 season. All four of the cars are race-ready and are said to be track-worthy.

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