‘Money cant buy happiness’ – Chinese man adopted by billionaire foster parents since he was a toddler abandons them to go back to his millionaire birth parents

It wouldn’t be unfitting to dub 27-year-old Chinese man Mei Zhiqiang’s life a parental roller coaster or a movie just waiting to be made. Abducted from outside his home as a 2-year-old, luck favored the toddler, who landed in the adoptive lap of Chinese billionaires. He led a life of luxury with his siblings (two sisters and a younger brother). One would imagine this to be the perfect happy ending, but that’s not the case. Mei, who an affluent family raised in the southeastern province of Fujian, was finally found by his birth parents, and even they turned out to be multimillionaires. Mei Zhiqiang united with his birth parents last year when, with their friends’ help, Mei Xianhua and Pan Chang’e located Zhiqiang’s DNA in the Fujian province.

Zhiqiangi with his biological parents.

The 27-year-old hospital worker admitted to feeling a void, vague feeling despite being raised in riches. The money didnt help him shake off the sense that he was different from his siblings. His birth parents never gave up on finding their son and ensured his presence mattered in their life despite his pinching absence. They kept their word from vowing not to celebrate Spring Festival or Lunar New Year to unfailingly celebrating his birthday every year. In fact, the family also bought a house for him, believing he would return one day. And he sure did!

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Zhiqiangi’s father will be handing over the keys their family business.

Mei left his billions behind to go live and work with his birth parents’ family business, a hotel supplies company. Zhiqiangi’s father shared that he will teach his son to run their family business, a hotel supplies company, and eventually hand it over to him. The biological father shared, “No matter how rich they are, their love is different from ours – the love of birth parents.” Mei added: “I can see my parents’ love for me.” Mei was kidnapped from outside his home in Yunnan province in 1997. He began working in his adoptive parent’s hospital after graduating high school because they believed ‘study was useless.’

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