Montblanc’s new StarWalker pen collection evokes the feeling of watching the earth from space

Montblanc has introduced a newly redesigned StarWalker collection of writing instruments to mark the 50th anniversary Apollo 11 lunar mission. The new collection was launched at an event organized by German luxury brand at Houston, home of NASA Space Center. “As the world prepares to celebrate half a century since the first person walked on the moon, space exploration remains as fascinating and awe-inspiring as ever to people everywhere,” said Montblanc CEO Nicolas Baretzki. “With this StarWalker campaign, Montblanc is giving people a taste of the emotion astronauts experience as they look at the Earth from space and feel that unexpected longing for home.” For the launch of the new StarWalker collection, Montblanc collaborated with former NASA astronaut Leroy Chiao, a veteran who has spent a total of 229 in the space, including a more than 190-day stay aboard the International Space Station. He was joined by Montblanc ambassador and film star Hugh Jackman, among other celebrities, at the launch.

The awe of experiencing and gazing back at Earth from the space is captured in the new StarWalker collection through a choice of materials and colors. The pen’s patented translucent crown which holds the famed Montblanc emblem seems to glow from the inside, much like the Earth when viewed from space. The black resin of the writing instrument, on the other hand, represents the dark vast expanse of space. “The StarWalker line is about innovation, engineering, and modernity,” Baretzki commented. “This product line, as well as this new campaign, reminds us to preserve and cherish our planet.” The writing instrument is available in three versions: all-black resin with contrasting metal fittings, a Doué edition with a black resin barrel and a metal cap, and a full-metal edition. Each version comes in a fountain pen, ballpoint or fineliner.

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