Montblanc x Pirelli limited edition cabin luggage features a mini-tyre with a bespoke rubber compound

Montblanc is a brand that never ceases to surprise with its design innovations. Earlier last year they teamed up with BMW and released a set of limited edition luggage pieces created specifically for the BMW 8 Series Coupé. The stellar black and red combination is repeated this time again as Montblanc teams up with Pirelli for another set of tough suitcases. The beautiful travel accessories will bring forth the best of both worlds- Pirelli‘s high quality, race-ready tires, and Montblanc’s relentless and watertight design expertise. With this latest collaboration, luggage will be forever changed with a set of unimpeachable tires inspired by Pirelli’s treaded P ZERO design. The road-tested tech inside these wheels grants them noise reduction and lower abrasion speed, promising higher mileage and long-term durability. Among the many fantastic features of the “Montblanc x Pirelli” luggage line, the ones that stand out are the 360° ball-bearing wheels and an ultra-light case that’s perfectly sized for in-flight storage. There are several elements like sleek aesthetics, the red luggage tag, a spoked car rim, as well as the “Montblanc x Pirelli” lasered on the handlebar as a signature of the collaboration that lends it a luxe appeal. It actually reminds you a lot of the Rimowa x Moncler ‘Reflection’ suitcase sans the reflection and with added benefits brought on board thanks to Pirelli’s involvement.

The Montblanc x Pirelli limited edition #MY4810 cabin luggage 3000 is available for $1,280.

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