Ashlar’s Graphite Helps Create Chic and Luxurious Submarines

U.S. Submarines have designed cool new underwater vehicles that blow your mind with their aesthetic sensibility and technical finesse. Touted as Personal Luxury Submarines, these subs are visualized and built using Ashlar’s suite of programs, mainly Graphite and Cobalt. They refuse to use PCs and AutoCAD and thus stick to everything that is Mac. Whatever they seem to have designed these cool subs, they certainly look quite outlandish.

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The subs come with a lounge, an awesome bedroom with the most amazing view, luxurious corridors and everything that a stinking person could wish for. However, it is hard to conceive that all this could be built so realistically using software and technology which leaves us all intrigued. The 3D creations seem to be going well with the market trends too, as we noted earlier that Luxury Submarines are Uber Rich’s new Fad. These luxurious submarines may still be in the 3D stage, but when they do hit the waters, they will surely be something their creators would be proud of!
Via: Core 77

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