Helicopters are so 2022 – This futuristic solar-powered luxury catamaran comes with a flying car and a submarine

Austrian solar yacht builder Silent-Yachts has revealed its latest project in collaboration with aerospace engineers VRCO and U-Boat Worx. Called the Silent 120 Explorer, the eco-friendly catamaran will be offered with an option of an onboard electric quadcopter and a submarine. This new project previews the future of explorer yachts thanks to its unique design, amenities, and cutting-edge technology. Described as the greatest achievement in solar-powered yachting, the company’s flagship solar catamaran measures 36.7 meters in length. Its bespoke exterior styling has been penned by Marco Casali, who is also responsible for the vessel’s interior design.

The superyacht’s multihull design features a swimming pool on the aft deck and grassy areas for walking dogs on her side decks. Furthermore, its solar hardtop is designed to slide out, which reveals a touch-and-go for the electric quadcopter. The solar panels can generate 40kWp of energy, which is enough for the yacht’s hotel mode as well as recharge the onboard electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft and the U-Boat Worx NEMO submarine.

“The trend is for bigger yachts and more luxury, more comfort, more water toys and more possibilities,” said Michael Köhler, founder and CEO of Silent Yachts. “In the Silent 120 Explorer we designed a boat that is bigger in volume although not in length, and bigger gives the opportunity to store more of these toys. “We build catamarans, which means more beam and more space,” he added.

The Silent 120 Explorer is equipped with two 340kW motors, up to three generators, and a battery pack of up to 800 kW capacity. As a result, the eco-friendly vessel is claimed to offer an unlimited range at an emission-free cruising speed of eight knots (9.2 mph). Silent-Yachts claims the vessel is incredibly rugged, making it perfect for adventure-filled exploration trips.

The solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, while the battery banks with an eight-year warranty. The e-motors, on the other hand, are designed to last a lifetime. The Austrian company says the Silent 120 Explorer is currently under development and is due to hit the water in 2024.

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