Burberry’s iconic checkered print has found its way to these sites in the Canary Islands and South Africa

The Burberry ‘check’ is iconic, to say the least. After draping raincoats, luggage pieces, umbrellas, and a range of other accessories for the marquee, the design has now expanded to a whole region. Yes, you read that right!

Canary islands

The print has now covered the grounds of El Hierro in the Canary Islands and the Western Cape in South Africa as part of the Burberry Landscapes project. The series features larger-than-life earthworks and illustrations and celebrates founder Thomas Burberry’s love for the outdoors along with paying an ode to sustainability.

On the island of El Hierro, the volcanic ground acted as a natural canvas for the Burberry Check. Renowned Cuban American contemporary artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada then used natural milk-based paint for his work and turned the site into one big representation of the print.

Each installation was temporary and lasted for a week.

On the other hand, in the meadow of South Africa’s Overberg region, Western Cape, local green experts hand-planted the illustration on the site which is otherwise nurtured with the help of water sourced from a rainfall catchment dam.

Commenting on the project, Burberry in a statement said, ‘Together, these landscapes embody Burberry’s belief that creativity opens spaces. A body of work that celebrates Burberry’s heritage and encourages people to step outside and rethink the possibility of the world around them.’ Well, art just found a whole new dimension!

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