Check out this exclusive moto-inspired espresso machine designed to blow your mind away

Those who fancy motorcars and coffees with unmatched passion should well be prepared to drop their jaws in awe, as the swankiest espresso machine is set to arrive in stores. Taking inspiration from the best of the motorsport world and hand-crafted with the sturdiest automotive materials, The Espresso Veloce Aurum 18ct is bound to make you fall in love with it.

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This stunner from Super Velcove (known for its mechanical art devices) is a sturdy metallic construct built from titanium, carbon and aluminum with bold touches of shinny yellow gold. This mechanical beauty comes in a V12 configuration and is designed to pass off as a piece of your loved moto engine, with a grappa reservoir that looks like an oil filler and dispensers designed to look like tail pipes! Every part of this machine show meticulous detailing intending to thrill you as much as a Grand Prix race (or at least half as that).
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While this mean coffee machine comes with a length of 380 mm, a height of 340 mm and a width of 420 mm, it weighs around 35 Kilograms, making it half the size of the actual 3.0L V12 engine that played its muse. Each core component of the Aurum have been contrived in Aerospace Grade 7075 alloy, stainless steel 316 titanium, surgical stainless steel grade 304 and anticorodal 6082 T6, with its baseplate being made of Jet-Black high pressure thermoset carbon fibre. While most of the outers of the engine have been finished off with anodized bright and satin silver, it’s the Nordic Gold Billet and 20µm 18ct Yellow Gold Plating on the cam covers and a few other parts that give it its sophisticated touch. This never-seen-before espresso machine is a limited edition with only 10 units in store and it comes with custom made, moto-inspired mugs that are its perfect compliment. While the pricing aspect one this one is unknown, getting a piece of this super functional and awe-inspiring machine is worth every shot!
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