Not without my coffee: The Porta Via, world’s first truly portable espresso machine sells for $3995

There are so many people who never understand why coffee is so important and why people cant kickstart their day without it. We for one don’t understand those people and are all for team coffee. This is why we are beaming as the possibility of having the world’s first truly portable espresso machine has surfaced. Gotta thank Rocket Espresso Milano for giving us the gift of good coffee anytime and anywhere in the world. The Porta Via is a prosumer espresso machine with a traditional lever-activated 58-mm E61 group, drip tray, super quiet Ulka vibration pump, and pressure gauge. It is portable but that doesn’t take away from its ability to give you first-class coffee as you would get in a cafe. Rocket’s commercial-grade nous is fitted in this compact package that’s able to brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously. So whether you’re traveling round the clock or your job doesn’t allow you to settle in one place, you can at least have coffee for a constant with this awesome contraption.

Weighing in at around 29kg, the case includes foam-padded slots for a pair of ceramic cups and saucers as well as a tamper, a professional-grade portafilter, jug, and an external water reservoir. If there’s anything that’s missing it is someone to make the most of this cool coffee device. The machine heats quickly, in less than 10 minutes. Even in a hurry you can pack the warm machines in the case and get on the grind. Sounds like heaven? The ticket to heaven sells for $3,995.

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[Available at:Espressotec]

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