This $1,950 Japanese cold coffee maker, brews your daily cuppa joe for over 8-16 hours!

Though it looks like the apparatus for an elaborate chemical experiment, this device by Hammacher Schlemmer is actually a coffee maker of sorts. It’s a Slow Drip Cold Coffee Brewer – a device that draws inspiration from the Kyoto style cold brewed coffee that’s found in Japan. Cold brews are considered to be superior because while hot coffee brewers release acid during brewing and give you bitter-tasting coffee, cold brewers use ice water to extract a concentrated brew that maintains coffee’s natural flavor.

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According to Hammacher Schlemmer this is how the slow drip cold brewer works:
“Ice water in the 100-oz. glass sphere flows to a pair of nozzles with individual spigots that allow you to adjust the speed of the drip cycle from eight to 16 hours—the lower the speed, the stronger the coffee concentration. The top of each cylinder holds your preferred grounds and a replaceable cotton filter.”

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The prepared coffee can be stored in the fridge for up to one week and for those who like it hot, you can preserve the non-bitter taste by warming it in a microwave. Storage is pretty important in this case because the brewer makes 90 oz. of coffee over several hours. With that much time and $1,950 on the line, we’ll understand if you stick to instant coffee instead!

[Available at:Hammacher Via:Geekologie]

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