Smooth leather floors, a library, armchairs and more – Check out this private jet that is inspired by the interiors of a gentleman’s club

Even on the best days, long flights can feel like the worst kind of punishment. Cramped seats, limited opportunities to stretch ones legs, and an environment designed for utility rather than comfort all contribute to making lethargy and annoyance in-flight staples. However, the imaginative team at Winch Design, a London-based studio are working to create interiors that as warm and comforting as your own home.

This custom jet is an Airbus ACJ319, and it was designed for a client who was seeking, “a space in which to feel comfortable and experience travel not as a chore but a fine art,” according to Jim Dixon, head of aviation for Winch Design.
The cabin may as well be an indulgent library with its warm lighting and leather covered plush seats. The sofa even transforms into a daybed. You’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve wandered into a period novel.

That wall of books in the lounge/library also doubles up as the concealed entrance to the bedroom. Here a comfortable bed awaits for those seeking a relaxing slumber. There’s also a sofa, if you want privacy but aren’t quite ready to sleep.

While this jet was delivered to the original owner a few years ago, it is now up for re-sale through Sparfell & Partners.


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