The uber-expensive $100 a cup Cat dung coffee Kopi Luwak: condemn or covet?

I’d say move over cuppa Joe, it’s time for the “luxury” cuppa called Kopi Luwak, except, according to latest reports, even that has had to move over. But before I get to that, those of you who aren’t great coffee lovers or cat dung fans let me enlighten you about the rare gourmet beverage. Yes, that’s right, you have to be big on cat excrement to enjoy its flavors, those of the civet cat in particular!

Made from excreta extracts, Kopi Luwak or civet coffee is massively enjoyed, owing to the fact that the said species of felines feed on the finest coffee beans in the wild. Only, the poor kitties are no longer enjoying. According to reports, they are being captured and caged by farmers in tiny battery farm style cages to ensure a plentiful and ready supply.

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Proof lies in undercover video footage taken by welfare campaigners, which found wild-caught civets going insane from boredom. That gave leading retailers enough reason (besides the obvious) to ditch the product. Everyone from Harrods to now, Selfridges has decided to denounce coffee produced from caged civets. That, however, does nothing to its much-coveted status.

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A number of UK websites, still seem to be currently selling the controversial coffee for between $300 and $500 a kilo, for unaffected or oblivious fans of it. Or fans of ‘The Bucket List’, where Jack Nicholson’s terminally ill character made a must-do of it! Meanwhile, the WSPA continues to campaign for an independent certification scheme to ensure the coffee only comes from civet cats that are not caged.

[Via – Dailymail]

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