Saza offers a cup of most expensive coffee for the residents of Japan

Do folks living in the land of the rising sun need a cup of the most expensive coffee to start their day? Well, not all, but certainly, there is a niche of coffee drinkers who would love to sip on a hot beverage made from Panama’s Esmeralda Especial coffee beans. Touted to be the world’s most expensive coffee, Saza Coffee will be offering it from the 2nd of December for 1,200 yen ($18) per cup. Saza is the first company in Japan to buy high-quality beans through an auction by paying $117.50 per pound for the coffee. And that is almost 100 times more than the cost of average coffee beans. However, I am not convinced that Panama’s Esmeralda Especial coffee beans are the world’s most expensive coffee. Here on Luxurylaunches we have already served to our readers the £50 ($82) per cup or the $30 per cup coffee that can claim the honor of being the most expensive coffee.

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