A handcrafted espresso machine that looks like a jet engine

It’s mildly surprising how coffee machines inspire artists and designers so often. Designer and engineer Paolo Mastrogiuseppe spent three years creating contraptions that look vaguely like Formula 1 cars but spew out refreshing espresso. He has a new focus now and this has come to life in the form of the Aviatore Veloce Espresso machine. It is intentionally designed to resemble a military jet engine and can prepare a refreshing dose of espresso and tea with the help of high-pressure brewing. It sure looks intimidating to some but that’s what the toys of big boys are made of. At 61 pounds, you would expect some amount of mechanics put in to make the entire ensemble user friendly and that’s just what the Veloce Espresso machine offers. Simply have one of your many handmaids slide open the back chamber of the machine, fill it with water, add some freshly ground coffee into the filter and choose the portion of the extract. In a few moments, she would be right beside you with an espresso fit for a regal.

The design isn’t just a visual delight but gets as authentic as one could be. It is built from a combining aviation-grade aluminum alloy, stainless steel and aluminum bronze. As the Aviatore Veloce Espresso machine is made by hand, it will be available in a limited number and at a price that will be known on request only.

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