Smeg and Lavazza come together for an absolutely gorgeous espresso machine

The world makes coffee, but in actuality, it’s coffee that makes the world. It makes the world nicer, tolerable, and is a major contributor to conversations, so much that instead of the word ice-breaker, we should’ve coined the term ‘coffee-sipper’ to get people talking! Now that we are discussing coffee, in the latest news, the world of coffee-making just got a lot better (and we thought it couldn’t get better) with the new Modo Mio capsule coffee machine thanks to the collaboration between kings of coffee, Lavazza and design pundits at SMEG (their Majolica refrigerator is a thing of beauty). The Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machine brings home a unique tasting experience, the kind that you usually have to step out for. It’s effortless to use with an easy and intuitive interface and only a few removable parts. The water tank is a breeze to lift out and fill, and the front section slides out easily to remove the used pods. The machine is simple to use, with no complications where morning coffee is concerned, which makes this an excellent buy for a good price. You got to switch the machine on by pressing a button and dropping a Mio pod into the socket. Depending on your mood and day, you can, with a single touch, choose between traditional and ‘lungo’ espresso.

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Got to give major credit to Smeg for creating stunners of a coffee machine that will easily blend into a variety of interior environments thanks to its three vibrant color options black, red, and cream. Lavazza A Modo Mio Smeg is currently available at the Lavazza websites for roughly $267.

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