Bugatti Chiron-Inspired espresso machine, Etiron will pump your day with caffeine and opulence

If Louis Vuitton can make both bags and foosball tables, if Kanye West can make both music and clothes I don’t see any reason why a coffee machine cannot come out of the Bugatti stable! Gone are the days when you’re design excellence was limited to making one product only; if you have the vision, the talent, and the resources you simply apply it wherever you see fit. Bugatti isn’t actually manufacturing a coffee machine but is surely giving us a super glimpse of what if they did! The Etiron is what a Bugatti Chiron-inspired Nespresso capsule machine looks like. The designer, Fábio Martins, has managed a rich, esteemed, and adrenaline-pumping machine much like a Bugatti Chiron. The similarities don’t just limit themselves to the feel and finish, but the Bugatti Etiron coffee machine comes in the same colors as the opulent cars; in the classic blue and black pairing being its most standout model. The shape, design, and every curve will remind you of the classic car whether it is the same shape of signature horseshoe grille design in the front, or the curves and arches incorporated to bear resemblance to Bugatti’s rear.

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The Bugatti Etiron coffee machine will work like a Nespresso capsule machine that uses sealed capsules. These capsules when inserted in the machine result in hot water pumping under high pressure into their injector holes, and brewing the coffee inside. It doesn’t do much except brew some lovely coffee pretty much like a regular machine but the fact that it’s coming from Bugatti makes all the difference in impression…and price!

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[Via: Yanko Design]

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