Fancy a Bugatti Chiron? A pair of the extremely rare hypercars to hit the auction block

Makers of ultra-exclusive automobiles absolutely hate the idea of their cars reaching the used-car market, especially if it’s relatively brand new, and they do everything in their power to discourage it. But that still doesn’t stop a few reaching the auction house, which usually end up selling for more than the original price. It barely been less than ten months since the first of the Bugatti Chirons started rolling out of the factory in Molsheim, and already two of the rare hypercars are headed to auction. The Bugatti Chiron’s production line moves at a glacial pace and it only completed 70 cars last year, making the waiting period excruciatingly long. And since only 500 examples of Chiron will be made, many did not make it into the list of original buyers. So, it won’t be a surprise if the Chirons that are to be auctioned sell for top dollar.

The first of the two Chirons to be auctioned will cross the block on January 13 at the Mecum Auctions sale in Kissimmee, Florida. It wears a dual-tone clear coat paintjob of black and blue over the carbon fiber body and has just 249 “delivery miles” on the clock. The other one is being handled by RM Sotheby’s and will be up for grabs at its Paris auction, which begins February 7. It is one of the first 20 Chirons to leave Bugatti’s factory in Molsheim, France, and has an Atlantic Blue and French Racing Blue paint scheme on the outside and brown leather with contrast stitching on the inside. The French hypercar has less than 620 miles on the odometer, and the auction house expects it to sell for between $3.8 million and $4.3 million


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