Bugatti introduces its “Sur Mesure” bespoke customization program by debuting a retro-themed Chiron Pur Sport

For the several million dollars you pay to Bugatti for a Chiron, the Molsheim-based marque offers almost ennless options for paintwork and interior materials to customize your hypercar according to your taste. But you might be surprised that the French manufacturer didn’t have its own bespoke division to date, despite all the one-offs and ultra-limited-editions that have been built over the last few years. To satisfy the needs of the most discerning, deep-pocketed customers who want their cars to be absolutely unique, Bugatti has inaugurated its in-house bespoke customization program. Called “Sur Mesure”, which is French for tailored, it will allow customers to order a personalized Chiron in the exact specification they desire.

To kick off things, Bugatti’s bespoke division has revealed its first creation which is based on the Chiron Pur Sport. As requested by its customer, the special Chiron by Sur Measure is inspired by the iconic Bugatti race cars from the 1920s and ’30. The hypercar’s namesake, Louis Chiron, famously piloted a Bugatti Type 51 race car to victory together with Achille Varzi at the 1931 French Grand Prix. A lot of design details on the personalized Chiron Pur Sport have been borrowed over from the race car, including its “32” racing number.

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The race car number is hand-painted on the hypercar’s doors to honor Louis Chiron’s victory. The baby-blue exterior paint and the vivid red accents of the hypercar are directly inspired by the classic Bugatti Grand Prix race cars. The red pattern is actually made up of hundreds of hand-applied tiny “EB” logos with a fading effect. The interior also gets a similar treatment with “32” emblazoned on the headrests and the fading “EB” stripes appearing on the door panels. Additionally, the doorsills and side of the transmission housing feature the words “Grand Prix.” Mechanically, the retro-themed hypercar is identical to the standard Chiron Pur Sport, which is powered by a 1479-hp quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W16 engine. Only 40 Chirons are up grabs before it is replaced by the company’s next hypercar, which in all probability will be all-electric. It’ll be interesting to see how many of the 40 Chirons get the Sur Mesure treatment.

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