Rupert Murdoch and his wife have bought a massive ranch in Montana that is around 24 times the size of Manhattan.

Path-breaking real estate sales are made at the hands of billionaires. And proving this as true is Fox news owner Rupert Murdoch who recently purchased a 340,000-acre ranch in Montana from a subsidiary of Koch Industries. The takeaway price? A cool $200 million!

Located near Yellowstone National Park, the property (known as Beaverhead Ranch) is full of wildlife and home to around 4,000 elk, 800 antelope, and 1,500 mule deer, as well as trout that live in its 28-mile-long creek. As reported by Journal, its sale also happens to be the largest ranch sale in the history of Montana state.

Commenting on it, Murdoch, in a statement, said, “This is a profound responsibility. We feel privileged to assume ownership of this beautiful land and look forward to continually enhancing both the commercial cattle business and the conservation assets across the ranch.”

The iconic property was originally purchased over 70 years ago by Fred Koch, whose company later maintained ownership of it. It features 25 homes mostly for the people who manage the livestock and spans 50 miles from north to south, crossing two counties.

The ranch’s sale was concluded by Beachhead Home and Ranch Real Estate Agent Chance Bernall, who represented the seller along with Joel Leadbetter of Hall and Hall and Tim Murphy of Hall and Hall, who represented the Murdochs.

[Via: CNBC]

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