Walmart’s billionaire heiress’ $150 million megayacht is a floating palace with a dedicated party deck. Almost twice the size of an Olympic swimming pool, the humungous vessel is the largest yacht built in the US since the 30s.


What is common between Austrian supermarket heiress Heidi Horten and Walmart’s Ann Walton Kroenke? Other than being insanely wealthy, both are no strangers to mind-blowing luxury toys- case in point, superyachts! While Horton is the proud owner of the iconic 318-feet Lürssen Carinthia VII, Ann Walton and her husband, Stan Kroenke, owner of the Los Angeles Rams football team, purchased Aquila a few years ago. The luxury motorboat is a marvel moving on water, and we would like to take you on a digital voyage through the largest yacht ever built in the U.S. since the 1930s. If you want to see it firsthand, you’d have to be willing to part with almost $1 million for a single week.

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The allure of the Aquila yacht:
Derektor flagship, initially known as Cakewalk, underwent an extensive refit at British shipyard Pendennis. The result was a beauty-of-a-yacht, re-christened Aquila by power couple Ann Walton and Stan Kroenke, who together own the Los Angeles Rams football team. It is believed that Ann spared no expense when it came to the outstanding interior overhaul courtesy of design studio RWD and designer Susan Young.

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As per Auto Evolution, she freely invested millions in the refit of a pleasure craft, turning it into an opulent floating mansion worth $150 million. The refitting took 12 tiring months of hard graft and over 1,000 people, shared Boat International.

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Jacuzzi on the front deck. Via

This magnificent makeover didn’t go unnoticed, and Aquila arose as the 2017 World Superyacht Award winner. What makes Aquila an award-winning ship? To begin with, the 281-footer not only has four decks and ample space but also designates these areas for different activities. If the forward sun deck offers a large Jacuzzi, day bar, and treatment room, the aft decks are flanked with al fresco dining, relaxing, and socializing.

The lavish master suite. Via

Considering the new owners of Aquila are one of the wealthiest in America, it doesn’t surprise that the owner’s deck has been completely remodeled to befit their stature. The primary suite flaunts a 60 square meter private deck overlooking the bow. It also offers a massage room, hair salon, his and hers ensuite, and study.

The master suite’s bathroom. Via

Keeping recreation and the comfort of her guests in mind, Aquila boasts seven cabins offering accommodation for 12 guests serviced by 28 crew members. Owing to the addition of an impressive new bar called the London Bar, Aquila exhibits a conspicuous exclusive member’s club vibe with a gym, two massage rooms, and a generous Jacuzzi.

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There is a plush cinema room for those who like to spend time indoors, where an enormous 85-inch screen pulls focus. In contrast, outdoorsy activities at the beach club offer many fun water toys, idyllic for lazy days out at anchor.

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Aquila is powered by MTU engines of 3306 hp each giving her a maximum speed of 18 knots and a cruising speed of 15 knots. She comes equipped with zero-speed stabilizers to ensure solace while static.


Aquila’s salient features:
Aquila also has a robust steel hull and aluminum superstructure like other superyachts. It is not uncommon for a luxury vessel to be over 200-feet long and have several decks (4 in the case of Aquila). But that’s where Aquila’s similarities to other fancy boats end. What follows is a contemporary space flanked with unseen niceties that go beyond luxurious soft furnishings and tasteful lighting. Undoubtedly, the nearly 37-feet ‘waterfall’ chandelier is the cynosure of the yacht. This man-made beauty that cascades down four levels from the sun deck down to the lower deck gives natural vistas that lie beyond a tough competition. The gleaming white marble floors reflect slivers of light across as a testament to its grandeur.

The owners salon. Via

Yet another distinctive feature onboard is the party floor. One entire floor of Aquila’s decks is reserved for parties only. If that wasn’t hedonistic enough, there are smoke machines, a light show, and a DJ booth to complete the presentation. According to a Burgess listing, having the time of your life will set you back by a minimum of $945,000 a week to charter the amazing Aquila megayacht.

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