Ending his sea-faring dreams for good, Bill Gates has listed ‘Wayfinder,’ the support vessel to his hydrogen-powered superyacht, for $59 million. The vessel has a helipad that doubles as a pickleball court, a medical room, a fold-out gym, and a garage filled with water toys.

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is many things, but a megayacht owner isn’t one of them. He came incredibly close by commissioning the incredible Feadship Project 821, worth $645 million, but he couldn’t take it home despite designing the megayacht to his preferences. This reinforces the belief that the high net worth individual, worth $119 billion, wasn’t made for the high seas. Without the need for a grand mothership spanning 334 feet in length, there is certainly no need for the modest shadow vessel, Wayfinder.

Image – Edminston Yachts

With the listing of Project 821 for sale (available through Edmiston but not yet listed on their website), Wayfinder is also making its debut in the market, priced at $59 million. Built-in 2021 by Astilleros Armon, this it boasts an impressive length of 224 feet and can function as a support vessel or a capable exploration yacht. While it may not match Gates’s centibillionaire status like the world’s first hydrogen fuel-cell-powered megayacht, it offers a unique opportunity for luxury yacht enthusiasts.

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Image – Edminston Yachts

Wayfinder is elegant and inviting, featuring a large open aft deck that doubles as a helipad for rapid entries and exits and a pickleball court when not in use. The tech tycoon is highly fond of the sport, which is why both his luxury vessels, Wayfinder and Project 821, were equipped with pickleball courts to sweat it out.

Image – Edminston Yachts

A heli-lounge serves as a congenial area with dining and lounging amenities. Wayfinder, capable of exploring the remote corners of the world, comes with a medical facility for emergencies. It also stores three tenders of up to 12 meters, as well as three small tenders on an open deck.

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Image – Edminston Yachts

With its fold-out beach club, top-notch gym, and a variety of toys and tenders, Wayfinder offers a wealth of adrenaline-pumping activities. The interiors, adorned in pleasant whites with teak-colored wooden furniture, are accentuated with colorful furnishings and pillows.

The Wayfinder has plenty of water toys. Image – Edminston Yachts

As speculation mounts about Project 821 being sold even before Gates took delivery, Wayfinder has already been listed for $59 million with Edmiston. The possibility of a billionaire purchasing the duo together, as Gates might have originally intended for himself, adds to the allure of this unique opportunity.

The Wayfinder is an mini armada in itself. Image – Edminston Yachts
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