This bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantom attains a new level of creativity with a dashboard artwork made of 3,000 features

In 2017 when Rolls-Royce revealed the Phantom VIII, the eighth iteration of the British luxury automaker’s flagship model arrived as a completely redesigned and reengineered product from the ground up. One of the headlining features of the Phantom VIII is the ostentatious dashboard called “The Gallery,” which is basically a swathe of toughened glass with an embedded artwork that can be personalized by the owners, making it a canvas for creativity. We have seen spectacular bespoke commissions turn the Gallery into an expression of art, design, and engineering excellence. One such example is the ‘Iridescent Opulence’ designed by Switzerland-based Nature Squared. The company specializes in creating beautiful finishes using the latest technology and sustainable natural materials. The Gallery installation in the Iridescent Opulence consists of over 3,000 sustainable tail feathers, creating stunning artwork.

“The opportunity of the Gallery concept allows us to work with a content of natural products that have never been seen before in the automotive world,” says Martin Ehrath, Head of R&D, Nature Squared. Extensive research was done to identify a sustainable bird species with the right plumage, and the feathers were selected for their iridescence. More than 3000 features were individually shaped to accentuate the sheen and rich hue of the natural feathers and hand-sewn onto an open pore fabric. It is designed in a way to look as if it’s originating from the heart of ‘The Gallery,’ the clock. The radiant texture of the features is accentuated by a Mother of Pearl surround for the clock. The Rolls Royce Phantom Iridescent Opulence is currently on display at Abu Dhabi Motors – the most successful Rolls-Royce dealer globally. “The Gallery in Rolls-Royce Phantom is a unique space that provides the perfect stage to showcase artworks,” said César Habib, Regional Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Middle East, and Africa. “‘Iridescent Opulence’ by Nature Squared is a brilliant example of what can be commissioned and displayed in that space. I’m delighted to unveil Phantom with ‘Iridescent Opulence’ Gallery here in Abu Dhabi with our partners Abu Dhabi Motors.”

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[Via: Gulf News]

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