This coffee machine is inspired by a 97 year old legendary Bugatti race car

This has to be the prettiest coffee machine, at least for automobile junkies like me who are in love with iconic race cars. Designed by Sajdin Osmancevic, the conceptual coffee machine is themed after the legendary Bugatti Type 35 race car. Debuting in 1924, the Type 35 is the most successful of the Bugatti racing models ever, with over 1,000 race wins to its name. But even if you’re not aware of many pre-War vintage cars, you are bound to fall in love with the tiny, single-seat race car the moment you look at it. The coffee machine designed to look like the front end of the race car looks fascinating, to say the least. The coffee machine by Osmancevic is still a concept. According to the designer’s details, the machine functions in a similar fashion to the Nespresso coffee maker.

Just about all the details of Type 35’s front have been captured by the designer to replicate its beauty for the coffee machine. The coffee maker features Bugatti’s legendary horseshoe grill with a metal mesh as the original race car. Surrounding it is a brass frame and a filler for the radiator, which in the coffee machine is meant as the slot where the coffee capsule goes. The Bugatti logo on the grill hides the nozzle from where the piping hot coffee is poured. The cover of the coffee machine is also designed to look like the arched hood of Type 35, which also comes with lover vents. Additionally, there’s a walnut brown leather hood strap like the one found on the original, along with a race car number on the side. The Bugatti Type 35 coffee maker is rendered in three different glossy color schemes: steel blue, powder blue, and dark chocolate brown. We sincerely hope that this concept is turned into reality someday.

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[Via: Yanko Design]

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