Complete with a swing and gorgeous pink flowers a Chinese man built an entire island to woo back his ex-girlfriend, but….

When Jennifer Lopez sang ‘Love don’t cost a thing,’ she probably didn’t comprehend the extent of a lover’s intent. A case in point is Xu, a 30-year-old man from China who built an entire island as a romantic refuge to win back the love of his life. The poor chap spared no expense and used all his life savings, more than 1,00,000 Yuan ($15,500), to be precise, to fill up the 20 to 30 meters island entirely with pink vegetation, including pink grass and the blossoming peach and cherry trees. It turns out his ex-lover is not exactly a nature-lover either, as this vegetative attempt didn’t make any difference to her, and the specially built arch bridge that leads to a romantic spot didn’t see them stand united atop. Sadly for the broke bloke, who moved to his hometown in the countryside to take care of his elderly parents, the island, located in Hetou village in Yengde city, has now become a popular attraction for tourists and lovers looking for a romantic place to meet.

Sadly, the island that was completed by January didn’t impress Xu’s girlfriend, and she refused to get back with him. However, love still prevails over the spot as this island is now a popular spot for couples and famously used for marriage proposals and pre and post-wedding photoshoots. Those who thought 2020 was a terrible year feel better by thinking of poor Xu, who started even 2021 on such a heartbreaking note.

[Via: LADbible]

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