Costing $325,000 this is the most unique cigar lighter you will have ever seen

S.T. Dupont that is best known for its ultra-luxurious leather goods, writing instruments, and smoking accessories is now set to present a one-of-its-kind rendition of the Montgolfière hot-air balloon ascension. The Parisian marquee, in a made-to-order offering will now offer a replica of the balloon, which in all its grandeur also doubles as a luxe lighter.

Fitted with an electronic switch or remote control, the exclusive piece combines the Montgolfière balloon presentation with a one-of-a-kind lighter’s design that is inspired by the Palace of Versailles. On being summoned mechanically, the luxurious edifice opens from its base to reveal a 24-karat-gold DuPont L2 lighter inset with 110 pavé diamonds worth 3.85 carats. The rounded replica in itself combines 20 individual castings and features ornamentations, including the signs of the zodiac that are individually plated with 24-karat gold against its blue porcelain. Other embellishments on the piece (including the fleur-de-lis representing King Louis XVI), are individually cast in bronze and plated in 18-karat gold before being separately applied to the whole. The first of Montgolfière by S. T. Dupont is numbered 1 of 1 and brought to fruition after 3,000 hours of work by skilled artisans.

It is priced at $326,000 and is crafted in close association with artists from 2SAINTS. In all, only 8 pieces of the Montgolfière lighter by S. T. Dupont are available for sale worldwide and each piece comes with an exclusive 2-year guarantee. If you already a fleet of luxury cars and houses, you could consider splurging on this uber-luxurious lighter next!

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