Could this be the most exclusive credit card in the world? Encrusted with diamonds the card itself costs $200,000 to make

All good things go to the rich who can afford them. The process is simple they just got to swipe their credit cards to buy the world. The cards in question are no less than a status symbol, case in point, Apple Card, but you really won’t be called rich till you get a card encrusted with gems and precious metals to pay for your newly acquired possessions. That’s exactly what Insignia Cards is offering, a gorgeous (understatement) credit card inlaid with diamonds, pearls and other precious gems that you will desire more than the usual baubles. To be honest, this credit card is so exquisitely made it will put your regular jewels to shame. Insignia is a global luxury lifestyle management group based in London, UK, that has created fewer than 100 jeweled cards for their esteemed clients. The clients are legends in their own right from fields like business, politics, culture, and sport across the UK, Middle East, Monaco, Russia and now the US.

The one-of-a-kind cards are handcrafted in Switzerland and are by invitation only. Cardholders pay a US$10,000 annual fee and charge more than US$1 million a year for the chip-enabled card. With prices that high there are a lot of services that will make the experience and expense worthwhile. Clients can enhance this experience by creating customized cards as per their tastes and likes or also include family crests, images of beloved pets, sports logo and more. Of course, this service won’t come cheap; the damages are as high as $200,000.

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