Crystals and class: This chess set from Saint-Louis sells for $11,500

A lot can happen over a game of chess. Friends become foes and foes become friends; that’s the power of a game of chess. So while you are attached to the game and spend many hours of your life indulging in it, why not get a set that’s truly worthy of your love and adulation? The Saint-Louis Chess Game offers an artful interpretation of an ancient game. It is one of the most gorgeous chess sets you will ever set your sights on. The prestige version of the chess game features a board of clear or satin-finished crystal cubes which stand on a base of coated aluminum. I would like to specifically mention how awesome the pawns as stylized Saint-Louis’ decanter stoppers. These crystal pawns are in gray flannel and clear crystal with a mirror finish and black baize. Even when not in use for a session, the chess set would make for a gorgeous addition to any home or office.

The Saint-Louis Chess Game is handcrafted in France and comes in a numbered edition of 28 pieces. The number is indicated underneath the flannel-grey King. This can without a doubt make for an esteemed gift for a valued person and it will set you back by $11500.


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