Cult favorite show Breaking Bad gets its own art exhibition in London

The show may be over, but the fandom must go on! Over a year after the conclusion of the cult favorite T.V. Breaking Bad, British Cartoonist Ralph Steadman has created a series of illustrated portraits to be used as covers for the Breaking Bad limited edition Blu-ray Steelbooks. Steadman’s artwork is a deliciously alternative take on popular characters from the show including Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and Saul Goodman as well as other favorites like Gus Fring, Hank Schrader and Mike Ehrmantraut.

In fact, over the past weekend the illustrations were displayed in a special art show at the 71a gallery in East London. The exhibition titled “Breaking Bad Character Portraits by Ralph Steadman” also featured a collection of Breaking Bad inspired artwork that was curated by Steadman himself.

Steadman hadn’t always been a fan of the show. “The whole series is a surprise, because I hadn’t heard of it before I started doing the drawings. I watched the whole series over a period of just two weeks and then got withdrawal symptoms because there wasn’t any more,” he said. The artist worked closely with show creator Vince Gilligan who was thrilled by the opportunity. “I can barely describe the combination of disbelief and giddy joy I felt when I heard he was on board to do it,” Gilligan said.

If you weren’t lucky enough to check out the exhibition in London, join us in praying that Gilligan and Steadman can be persuaded to have similar events in other countries too!

[Via – Design-Taxi]

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