Elysium Space sends your dead loved ones to space for $2,000

For those who thought the dead lived on as stars, here’s confirmation. The latest generating buzz in space technology is not a satellite but a memorial space flight. Elysium Space offers space burials via memorial spaceflights true to the imagination (and every word of that last sentence). The company sends you a capsule to fill with a sample of the deceased’s remains; there are “funeral professionals” to help with this process. This capsule comes with the option of having initials (up to 3 characters) elegantly engraved on its cap and is then housed within its specially designed memorial spacecraft. A message of up to 80 characters can be engraved in one of the spacecraft metal plates, too, for sending that special remembrance to the stars. For several months, the vehicle orbits the Earth in a celebration of the years lived on the planet, only to shoot back in a blaze as a perfectly poetic paradox to life.

Not just that, friends and family get to follow this journey through a mobile app, which shows the location of the spacecraft and how the earth looks from that place too. The company lays claims to space environment concern as well as safety. They contract with reliable commercial space transportation companies, and launches take place at the Cape Canaveral launch facility in Florida. In the more human event of a delay, the capsule simply gets bumped to the next available flight.

The unique event is shot and webcast with a video provision of a copy. It makes you ponder; there isn’t a thing that man cant conquer in life and also in death. And this after-death experience carries a price tag of $1,990. So, after diamonds and the moon, look on to the stars for your loved ones.

[Via – Elysiumspace and The-Verge]

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