This stylish entrepreneur spent a staggering $5.5 million to turn her Gulfstream private jet into the ‘Lamborghini of the skies’. Wanting to make it all-black, she spent $500,000 on the special matte black exterior paint job alone.

Via Instagram / @sandracorinna

One look at the Instagram feed of Sandra Corinna Kinzl, CEO of SCK Aviation, and you know she is a lover of all things black. From black luxury handbags, accessories, cars, and even filters, the entrepreneur based between Austria and the Netherlands leads a fascinating monochromatic life. The highlight is her unique, monotone, $21 million customized private jet. The all-black, custom-built G450 Gulfstream was revealed for perusal on the YouTube channel Prop Clear. The video showed an unprecedented level of customization along with painting the asset in a new light (or the lack of it). This new spin of luxury travel emphasized making the personally owned aircraft your own in every way, ditching the usual white and beige interiors to be completely black inside and out. The plane looked like the epitome of her classy taste, and she said it was the most expensive paint job ever done on a G450.

Via Instagram / @sandracorinna

While the matte black exterior paint job by General Atomics set her back by $500,000, the refurbishments in all cost a cool $5 million. ‘I also find the normal way of private flying – you know, the white airplanes with stripes and beige inside – that’s not what I would call [to] fly in style.’ let’s explore the design details of Kinzl’s G450 below-

The Lamborghini of private jets indeed-
Sandra knows what she likes, and her instructions are clear. Not a fan of anything boring, she opted for fabric seats over old-fashioned leather and replaced them with fabric seats. The galley and bathroom countertops feature black marble from Italy.

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Via Instagram / @sandracorinna

The stylish entrepreneur designed the carpet herself, including a contemporary pattern in multiple hues of black and grey. Contrasting the matte exterior and interior of the 11-year-old plane were shiny chrome ceiling light mounts and air outlets. The seatbelt buckles followed suit.

Via Youtube / @Prop Clear

Laura Pawlowski, Program Manager with Jet Aviation in Basel, who worked on Sandra’s G450 and made the mission possible, admitted it came with its fair share of challenges. From flying the aircraft to and from the paint facility without having a cabin installed, meeting deadlines set in stone, and dealing with corrosion on the wing structure, Jet Aviation tackled it all. “When we asked Sandra Corinna Kinzl if the cabin looked as good as she expected, she answered: ‘No, it’s even better!’,” shared Laura.

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Via Instagram / @sandracorinna

“This fabulous end result was made possible through a deep collaboration between SCK Aviation and Jet Aviation and the incredible perseverance, work attitude, and attention to detail of the impressive team at Jet Aviation. I can’t wait to start the next overhaul project with Jet Aviation – stay tuned!” said Sandra Corinna Kinzl.

Via Instagram / @sandracorinna

Who is Sandra Kinzl?
An aviation expert and entrepreneur, Sandra is paving a new wave of customization with her own private jet for her business, SCK Aviation. The consultancy firm helps affluent buyers find the right aircraft, revamps it per taste and provides the correct operator to run it. The businesswoman has a penchant for planes and designer handbags- all black, obviously. From Chanel, Dior, Bottega Venetta, Hermes, and Balenciaga, there is plenty of fashion and flying on her Instagram feed.

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