Exclusive custom made shotgun by Tullio Fabbri for $175,000

Luxury lovers make sure they have the best of everything and will go to any lengths to make sure whatever they own is unique and exquisite. This list of the unique and luxurious items is a beautiful shotgun made by an Italian master that has charmed luxury lovers to no end. According to the Fall issue of WSJ., The Wall Street Journal’s glossy magazine reports that there’s currently a five-year waiting list for the custom $175,000 shotguns. One look at the exquisite shotgun, and you will know why. The guns’ locking mechanisms are coated in diamond dust to increase durability. An artistic touch is added to the gun by the classic Brescian engraving on the metalwork that looks like embroidered lace. Italian artisans spend 400 – 600 hours etching the metalwork on each gun, adding $50,000 or more to the price. Fabbri makes only 30 guns per year, which adds to their exclusivity and further increases the waiting list.

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The gun-maker has made a gun for some famous celebs like Steven Spielberg, Eric Clapton, King Juan Carlos of Spain, and Mexican-born pop singer Thalia. Thalia’s husband, music mogul Tommy Mottola, is impressed with Fabbri that he tells the magazine that “Tullio’s work is as good as a Picasso.”

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